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Hi, I'm Solitaire, an award-winning striptease artist with almost two decades of dancing, teaching and teasing experience.


I started dancing in 2002, fulfilling an ambition I'd had since I was a girl.


In my full-time dancing years I performed at over 40 venues, mostly striptease pubs in London and the South-East, though also at clubs and events as far afield as New York, Taipei, Brussels and The Canary Islands. I also modelled extensively, was involved in politics and media surrounding erotic entertainment, appeared on TV, film and in music videos, and taught exotic dance and pole-dance both independently and for London School Of Striptease.


I still perform occasionally, and teach the art of striptease and lapdancing. In 2019 I qualified as a Transformational Life Coach and am building a business helping clients become fully in touch with their erotic souls, with all the life-enhancing benefits that brings.


I count myself incredibly fortunate to be living a life and career immersed in sensual creativity and the power of the erotic, with life-long friendships forged among the amazing women and men who were my dancing co-workers, and putting smiles on so many faces.


I hope you enjoy my website, please use the Contact Me page for questions or booking  (performace, teaching and coaching) enquiries.


Solitaire x


Pic - Millie Robson