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In 2019 I trained as a transformational life coach, and began exploring possible niches for my new skills. It made sense that I return to the topic I most love - helping people recognise, be comfortable with and enjoy their erotic selves. As a striptease artist and teacher, my talent was not just in performing or in teaching sexy moves, but in creating a safe space for my audience's erotic spirit to be seen and come out to play. I achieved this irrespective of gender identity, sexual orientation, age, nationality, cultural background, degrees of physical ability or disability... This recognition and emergence of the erotic self is enlightening and empowering, and I fully believe can have a positive influence across all areas of life, far beyond the directly sexual.


Now I access that same skill through presence and words, to create a safe space for clients' erotic selves to emerge into a conversation, to be truly and honestly explored often for the first time.


TESTIMONIAL: Helen, August 2019:


"I chose to work with Solitaire as I'd started to experience something of a crisis of confidence in my sexual identity and attractiveness since reaching my forties. She had a natural ability to put me at ease and I found myself confiding in her about things I'd never told anyone!


What drew me to her as a coach is that she totally owns her own sexuality, frankly she's an absolute goddess. After years of putting my needs after that of my partners' and always having felt fearful of being 'slut shamed' for my sexual desires, it was a deeply liberating experience to be able to be honest and frank.


Since working with her, I feel sexier, full of self-acceptance and I'm opening up to experiences I'd always fantasied about, but hadn't had the confidence to voice. I'm loving the new 'me' and my partner has been very pleasantly surprised by my new-found confidence. If you're thinking of working with Solitaire, I would totally encourage you to go for it! Speaking as a woman, I can honestly say that we need women like her!"


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