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"I found Solitaire and her story inspirational. I've learned more than sexy tricks; I've learned that it's all down to confidence and attitude."


"Dancing with Solitaire was a magical experience."


"It gave me a new confidence in my body to be sexy. A wonderful gift for myself - and for my other half!"


I am a qualified personal trainer and experienced striptease, pole-dance and lapdance teacher. I have taught for London School Of Striptease and independently, on and off for over a decade.


I love helping women discover the empowering art of striptease, beautiful one-to-one magic of lapdance and the fitness and postural benefits of pole-dance. For pole students I can also teach how to encorporate striptease into pole routines.


I am available to teach striptease workshops at pole and fitness studios and for hen parties.  I can also teach one-to-one and for special events (such as Valentines and wedding nights). Please send me a message via my Contact page for more information.



STUDENT TESTIMONIALS (from Pantha Pole studio Striptease workshop, February 2016)


"The striptease workshop with Solitaire was fantastic, she made us feel really comfortable and was really approachable.  As someone who isn't naturally sexy or graceful I left the workshop feeling much more confident and certainly felt that I could be sexy!


The workshop was really well structured, teaching us how to take each item off and different ways to remove items. I liked that we were given the freedom to choose what to wear; Solitaire took the time to instruct the whole class the best way to remove each item.


Showing us how to incorporate striptease moves into pole was also really helpful and showing us some floor work was also useful.

Solitaire's performances were also absolutely brilliant!" 



For more testimonials click here. Contact me with any questions about booking your own tailored tutorial.





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