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"Dancing with Solitaire was a magical experience" - Zaira


Workshop testimonials:


The Gentlemen's Club - 'Lapdance for your Dom' workshop (2019):


We booked Solitaire to run a lapdance class at one of our events. We had never done anything like this before, and so were completely in her hands. From start to finish she made us aware of what was required and created a fresh class from our very short brief. The guests loved it, and have asked her to repeat the course in future - they all came away buzzing with increased confidence, and as event organisers, we couldn’t ask for more. Throughout the whole process Solitaire provided us with clear information and guidance, she took a few words from ourselves and prepared a class that is still talked about now. We cannot recommend her highly enough.


Pantha Pole Studio - 'Striptease for pole' workshop (2016):


"I found Solitaire and her story inspirational. I've learned more than a few sexy tricks, I've learned that it's all down to confidence and attitude. That was a perfect workshop."


"The striptease workshop with Solitaire was fantastic, she made us feel really comfortable and was really approachable.  As someone who isn't naturally sexy or graceful I left the workshop feeling much more confident and certainly felt that I could be sexy!  The workshop was really well structured, teaching us how to take each item off and different ways to remove items. I liked that we were given the freedom to choose what to wear; Solitaire took the time to instruct the whole class the best way to remove each item. Showing us how to incorporate striptease moves into pole was also really helpful and showing us some floor work was also useful. Solitaire's performances were also absolutely brilliant!"



One-to-one testimonials:


Zaira: Dancing with Solitaire was a magical experience. I had never done strip or lap dance before, or even been in a strip club but she made me feel completely at ease with it. I had the chance to learn smart and simple tricks that I can actually perform myself together with hearing some very interesting stories about lap dancing in London. Fully recommended to anyone who feels curious and wants to improve her/his self-confidence, and abandon taboos."



Anna: "Solitaire made me feel at ease even before our lesson, as she suggested I choose a selection of my favourite sexy music tracks, so I was able to add my own personal touch to the lesson, and it was fun to choose my own 'show tracks'! I was also given advice about selecting clothing to wear. Solitaire also has a few props she can bring such as a feather boa which really helped.  


She put me at ease with my first-timer nerves and the lesson was loads of fun with lots of laughter and smiles. Firstly I was given an amazing demonstration, Solitaire is an incredible dancer! This was invaluable as it places you in the position of the viewer, so you understand how the movements work around the recipient of the dance. Then step by step she took me through the different movements before putting them together to form my own strip/lap dance.


Solitaire is hugely encouraging and made the lesson so much fun. I came out of the tutorial with a load of new moves and sexy tricks to practise and perform, and she also provides a very helpful tips sheet which was brilliant to refer back to when practising myself. Above all, it gave me a new confidence in my body to be sexy. A wonderful gift for myself - and for my other half!"


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